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You can win prizes every month, Its fun and simple! 




pick from 5 categories for blindCAN Film Festival Annual Competition from creating commercials, short films, educational content or even a full-length feature film. 


1. THE White Cane Commercial Contest


create a 1-5 min video sharing your story or love for the white cane. 

2. Working While Blind

 - Show the world how you rock at work, how you get the job done and your WHY for doing it. 


3. Adventuring While Blind

 - This category is meant to showcase all the fun that we have in the blindness community. There is only one rule, BE SAFE, while having fun!


4. Blindness Awareness PSAs

- What do you wish the world knew about blindness? What if the general public understood why people who have a white cane can still see them, how much easier would a walk through the grocery store be? What creative films can you create to explain what almost blindness is? 


5. All Abilities - Born Into Inclusion 

This category is open to anyone of any ability, and was inspired by the question, "Does a person need to be blind to enter a film into the blindCAN Film Festival?" This category offers prizes for films that focus on the theme of inclusion.


 - Please enter your short films and FEATURE films. Documentary or dramatized, if your film speaks to us... We will find a place to show it! 

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