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We say "BLIND" you say, "CAN"
Canes*, Cameras, ACTION... *Guide Dogs Welcome Too

Each year at the Blind CAN Film Festival, Filmmakers share their vision on the big screen in a unique way, making films with little to no eyesight. Celebrate BLINDNESS / local to global (Get TICKETS FREE in person or VIRTUAL)


It's FREE to submit a film (for legally blind filmmakers or anyone with a registered disability). Prizes are awarded, both in cash and paid work opportunities.

Blind CAN Filmmakers experience opportunities for leadership, while producing films that focus on what the world looks like for them. ,

 - We offer monthly storytelling and skill building workshops with top industry experts, partnered with people just coming up in the industry. 

Three talented filmmakers are annually invited to a screening and VIP Celebrity party in Florida's State Capital Tallahassee during their 200 Bicentennial celebration. 


Blind CAN leadership is comprised of industry professionals in the blindness community, in addition to the business, academic, government and medical fields. Our team has banded together to provide opportunities and training in the film industry to those who are blind and visually impaired, often through creative partnerships. 


Ben Fox Founder and President (1).jpg

 Ben Fox


Told to prepare for blindness, having surgeries in both eyes at the age of 18, the same year he had a short film premiere at the GEN-Y Theatre of the Sundance Film Festival. Fox, who has worked professionally as a journalist before starting is dedicated to seeing that anyone with a dream to make films has the opportunity

Scott Tennant.jpg

Scott Tennant

CEO of Senergy Medical Group and the Executive Producer of the American Foundation for the Blind's Film about Hellen Keller, Scott brings a seasoned business sense to the board. He grew up helping his father, who worked as an eye surgeon. Scott would be in the room as bandages were taken off of the patient's eyes, praying for success.

Bill Hollimon - Blind CAN Board Member.jpeg

Bill Hollimon

Dedicated Father to a Blind Son, Bill Hollimon is a registered patent attorney and circuit civil mediator. His practice focuses on patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Bill is also an experienced litigator, and regularly appears in state and federal courts. He is also involved in administrative litigation at the state and federal levels..

Chairman of the Board

Dr Rob Schoen Blind CAN Board Member.jpeg

Dr.Robert Schoen

 Dedicated Father of a Blind Daughter, Dr. Shoen is the associate director of the Florida Center for Research in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (FCR-STEM) in the Learning Systems Institute at Florida State University. Through his research, he seeks answers to the question, “How can we improve mathematics teaching and learning for all students?” In search of answers, he has designed and directed more than one-dozen large-scale, randomized-controlled trials of educational interventions designed to improve teaching and learning in mathematics

Dr Vinny Calderon (1).jpg

Dr. Vinny Calderone

CEO at Aspire Health Solutions Dr. Calderon' has dedicated his life to helping people see the best they can. His heart goes out to anyone that must learn that they are going blind. He joined Blind CAN in part to help raise awareness of what is possible after blindness and in particular to provide guidance during that transition process. 

Karen Walker.jpg

Karen Walker

CEO of Allied Instructional Services, Karen literally employs the most white cane instructors in the world and is one of the people writing current best practices today. She is also the founder of Able Artist Gallery and has a heart of service dedicated to causing real lasting positive change in the lives' of people she works with. 

Anne Marie Blind CAN Board Member.jpg

Anne Marie

 Jedraszczak (Janas)

Vice President of Marketing for Ora Clinical, Anne Marie is a Versatile healthcare marketing leader with 20+yrs expertise in global & local marketing, brand strategy, customer-centric innovation, marketing excellence. Strong background in psychology, learning and behavior change, with proven success in strategy and execution that motivates customers to change behavior, drives market share, and accelerates growth

John Baker.jpg

John Baker

CTO of NJ Spine and Wellness, John takes finding creative solutions very seriously. He is known for inventing products that help people thrive at what they love doing, regardless of how their body works. He brings innovation and a great heart to

Blind CAN Film Festival. 

Ben and Will BlindCAN Photo.webp

Will HollimoN

Will is the Blind CAN Youth Ambassador and leads all music for Blind CAN. He has completed a one year internship and created a short film that won an award in Blind CAN Film Fest 2023.

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