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FIRST Film Festival BY the BLIND
- sharing with everyone, worldwide.

April 5 and 6,  202 (4th annual)

@ Florida's State Capital  of Tallahassee    /   FREE TIX

CASH prizes for blind Filmmakers, and FREE to enter. 

We share with the world, What the BLIND CAN DO

Getting to JAM with Stevie wonder was a dream come true for Blind Filmmaker Ben Fox, who was honored Stevie came out to see the AMAZING Blind Canvas Project.

Stevie Wonder with Ben Fox & Blind CAN
@ 39th Annual CSUN


BLIND CANVAS PROJECT Honored @Florida State Capitol

It was an amazing experience to be joined by the family of April Lufriu (Mrs. FL, Mrs. America, Mrs. World) two times so far in Tallahassee for this project.

- Blind CAN Partnership with ORA Clinical

Blind Filmmaker Ben Fox and his dear friend Steve Holt (creative director for a large clinical org. working with eyes) create amazing works of art through interviews with friends from Ben's travels learning about vision loss and vision found. 

- sharing with everyone, worldwide.

You can win a trip to the Blind CAN Film Festival or $1,000 by creating a 1 to 5 minute video about why you love your cane or guide dog. Learn More HERE

See Sedona BLIND  
- feature film 90MINS

Join a group of influencers, who are blind with Ben Fox and his brother JON, as they share their stories along the trails of Sedona, where they LITERALLY dance with Wolves,  together they answer the question, can a vortex be felt? 

Sundance Kid: The BLIND Filmmaker
- FEATURE BIOdoc in production 

Ben Fox, “Sundance Kid: The Blind Filmmaker”, is a blind man on a mission… for Film, Family and Faith, visiting Sundance again for the first time in 22 years, this time, for a reunion with fellow members of the Sundance Academy’s inuagural class of “GenY” future filmmakers, class of 2001. Little do they know, now he is BLIND!

Surfing While BLIND

- short film 30MINS

Would you go surfing if you were  blind? Join us for the journey of how this amazing annual event began. Hit the waves with us for the next half-hour, lets go. 

- short film 7MINS

Join Michael Benson Founder of the Visual Experience Foundation for an Adventure at Niagara Falls, with the Working While Blind Crew, Featuring the Fox Brothers Ben and Jon. SEE the FEATURE FILM @blindCAN Film Festival 

-short film 11MINS

 The Amazing Blind Magician had an amazing week teaching magic to kids who are blind in Tallahassee and the blindCAN Film Festival with Ben Fox! Ryan went blind at the age of 9 after brain surgery. It was.a magic kit that helped him in physical therapy helping him to pick up the white cane and get back out into the world. He has a love to teach 

ABLE Artists the FILM
- short film 30MINS

Join us as we explore a gallery that builds the brands of artists who have a registered disability. We are local to Global, changing perspectives on what art looks like. 

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